Fellow Aniones!

This is ANIVERSE project team.

We are going to hold an airdrop event as follows in commemoration of NFT marketplace launch. In commemoration of this, Aniverse is holding an airdrop event worth about n00M KRW as follows, so we appreciate your interest and participation in the event.

Check the detail down below and get ANV!!

Aniverse(ANV) NFT Airdrop Event for Trading

2. Date

2021–09–15 ~ 2021–09–17

3. Details

1) Aniverse(ANV) NFT Airdrop Event for Trading [Trade ANV Now]

The Aniverse(ANV) Foundation is holding an airdrop event as follows in commemoration of NFT marketplace launch. In commemoration of…

Hi Aniones! This month, it was full of various events for our community users to participate! The biggest news would be the official launch of ANIVERSE NFT. Here, we’ve organized a brief summary of ANIVERSE’s monthly activities on August, 2021. Hope you enjoy. :)

1. News Updates

1.1) 30 August 2021. ANIVERSE NFT Open Teaser Release

: ANIVERSE released a teaser one day before the official launch of ANIVERSE NFT on Youtube.

- https://youtu.be/AcakleXO_yY (English Version)

- https://youtu.be/3oxhJ5dQkfA (Korean Version)

1.2) 31 August 2021. Official Launch of ANIVERSE NFT

: ANIVERSE announced the official Launch of ANIVERSE NFT website.

2. Event

2.1) 9 August 2021. ‘Simple Quiz Event’ for ANIVERSE KaKaotalk Channel Users

: The ‘Simple Quiz Event’ for our Kakaotalk community users to participate. …


ANIVERSE NFT is currently an open beta form on August 30th. ANIVERSE team plan to make gradual improvements.

ANIVERSE NFT first presents the marketplace feature, where NFT can be displayed and sold. ANIVERSE NFT marketplace supports NFT transactions by providing two services at the same time: auction and a fixed-price sale. In the Auction method, users can bid on the NFT that they want and if they win the bid, the ownership of the NFT transfers to the winner. The fixed-price method is to sell NFT to users by setting the price that sellers want.

In celebration of the…

Celebrating ANIVERSE NFT launch with the amazing event. Check out our first NFT and get ANV!

A brand new ANIVERSE NFT is now in place. You can enjoy watching and buying our premium NFT artworks such as the first hand-draft of Larva!

Get NFT and Win ANV

To celebrate the opening of ANIVERSE NFT, we have prepared a heck of a reward pool.

Winners will be returning their ANVs max up to 50 % that they paid for buying NFT artworks during the event period.

As this is a straight-up trading competition, ANIVERSE is going to give prizes to the…

To celebrate the launch of ANIVERSE NFT, ANIVERSE is offering everyone a chance to win 10 ANV! Click our google form link below, complete the tasks and you’re all set to win 10 ANV!

Join our community channels, solve the quizzes and submit your form.
ANIVERSE will provide 3000 ANV in total up to 300 people in two ways.
10 ANV will be offered to the first 200 and randomly picked 100 people will also be given 10 ANV.

The Airdrop event will be held for 4 days from August, 17th to 20th.
The winners will be announced on August, 23th.

As ANIVERSE global community has been updated, ANIVERSE has taken action to give back to our community members for supporting ANIVERSE project via a community airdrop.

The Airdrop event will be held for 2 weeks from August, 11 to 25. The way to participate is to join ANIVERSE Official Worldwide- Telegram(https://t.me/aniverse_official_worldwide), and submit the register form(https://forms.gle/hokEXWcv9PbP8Rc27).

During the event, 3 lucky users will get 1000 TRX and 12 TRX will be paid to 2000 random users. The Best referrer will receive 2500 TRX, 2000 TRX to 2nd,1500 TRX to 3rd, 1000 TRX to 4th, and 5th will get 800 TRX.

ANIVERSE (ANV) will be listed on the upcoming Bithumb BTC market for the very first time of this year!

Bithumb is going to run a pre-event to celebrate the listing of ANIVERSE(ANV) on BTC market.

We would like to ask our customers’ interest and participation, and please refer to the event details below.

*ANIVERSE(ANV), A blockchain animation contents online theme park, is a platform which is based on Live streaming and blockchain technology that can be utilized in various IP(Intelligence Property) industries. Being able to be accessed by everyone, regardless his/her time, the users can take part in manufacturing, creating…

ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

ANIVERSE is the contents theme park platform with Larva’s exclusive platform partner.You can turn your own imagination into reality by making contents and products through ANIVERSE IPs. By Sharing and mediating tangible and intangible content assets, ANIVERSE will be advantageous to everyone.

ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ which combines the actual IP businesses with block chain technology to lower the high entry barrier of the current IP business. ANIVERSE Foundation has launched the IP contents business, starting with Larva’s exclusive partnership. …


ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

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