Hi Aniones!

1. News Updates

Introducing New series of NFTs on ANIVERSE NFT website

Seoul, Korea — Being aired in 196 countries/Netflix, Larva has just reached 80 billion views. And Aniverse has listed its exclusive NFTs on Binance recently.

Aniverse will exclusively list 20 Larva NFTs on Binance NFT, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Aniverse, which drew attention in Korea as well as from around the world by launching its own NFT Market Place and selling out the limited edition of NFT to mark the 10th anniversary of Larva…

Dear Aniones!

Thanks to your support and interest, we’re proud to announce that the event ended successfully.

As we informed you in previous posting, there are four winners and the lists…

Hi Aniones :)

Today, we’re going to introduce a brand new NFT
in our ANIVERSE NFT marketplace.

It’ll be fun to collect the self-portrait of red and yellow specially made for you!

Let us also inform you that ‘ANIVERSE NFT Trade Championship’ will end on September 30th. Among the NFTs issued so far, there is a Hidden Treasure NFT that offers 1,000 ANV as a prize.
Visit our website, be the owner of Hidden Treasure NFT!

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<ANIVERSE Official Links>

▶ White-Paper: https://bit.ly/3yDV4WF

▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ANIVERSE17

▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aniversefoundation

▶ YouTube: https://bit.ly/2VAzaWe

▶ Telegram Official Group: https://t.me/aniverse_official_worldwide

Fellow Aniones!

This is ANIVERSE project team :)

We’re so excited to share the news of
ANIVERSE x bithumb airdrop event!

To celebrate the launch of ANIVERSE NFT Marketplace, we’re holding the ‘ANV Trading Contribution Event’

For more information on how to participate,
please click the link below :)


Hi Aniones! This month, it was full of various events for our community users to participate! The biggest news would be the official launch of ANIVERSE NFT. Here, we’ve organized a brief summary of ANIVERSE’s monthly activities on August, 2021. Hope you enjoy. :)

1. News Updates

1.1) 30 August 2021. ANIVERSE NFT Open Teaser Release


ANIVERSE NFT is currently an open beta form on August 30th. ANIVERSE team plan to make gradual improvements.

ANIVERSE NFT first presents the marketplace feature, where NFT can be displayed and sold. ANIVERSE NFT marketplace supports NFT transactions by providing two services at the same time: auction and a…

Celebrating ANIVERSE NFT launch with the amazing event. Check out our first NFT and get ANV!

A brand new ANIVERSE NFT is now in place. You can enjoy watching and buying our premium NFT artworks such as the first hand-draft of Larva!

Get NFT and Win ANV

To celebrate the…

To celebrate the launch of ANIVERSE NFT, ANIVERSE is offering everyone a chance to win 10 ANV! Click our google form link below, complete the tasks and you’re all set to win 10 ANV!

Join our community channels, solve the quizzes and submit your form.
ANIVERSE will provide 3000 ANV…

As ANIVERSE global community has been updated, ANIVERSE has taken action to give back to our community members for supporting ANIVERSE project via a community airdrop.

The Airdrop event will be held for 2 weeks from August, 11 to 25. The way to participate is to join ANIVERSE Official Worldwide…


ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

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